Saving the world
By doing business.

People don't necessarily have to pay for saving the planet.
Walki can provide piles of evidence about products and solutions that are
sound both climate and businesswise, for both customers and the industry.
It may surprise many that good business is actually - good.

The most expensive steel?
Contrary to popular belief, quality steel is cheaper than low-end, tainted steel.

On the current market, the most expensive option is the steel that has suffered damages on its way from the manufacturer to the end user. However cheap the original purchase price, the material losses, reclamation fees and supply chain disruptions add up to expenses. Transportation and storing damages can be economically significant.

No one wants to buy expensive steel. Therefore, it is unnecessary to manufacture it. Walki offers options for everyone who wants their steel to be cheaper because it’s shiny, dry and intact.
Walki has a wide range of solutions for protecting steel. Customised, paper-based laminated wrappings is one of them. They ensure that the steel stays moisture free. Another solution is a crinkled wrapping with a mesh reinforcement that absorbs all humidity from the steel. A third option is a VCI treatment that prevents corrosion as long as the wrapping stays closed. There are other ways, too.

Walki utilises renewable materials in wrappings and packaging. Our products are nearly always recyclable or at least suitable for energy production. They are an excellent example of Walki’s way to create maximal results with minimal use of natural resources. Walki’s Steelex products are always customised to meet the needs of the client – with the desired features and right measurements

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