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You can find ream wrapper in every office. Now that wrapper comes plastic-free. Let us introduce WALKI®Copy Green.

Rapid urbanisation and growing globalisation have increased demand for packaging of all kinds. Meanwhile, more and more people are also waking up to the desire to live more sustainably – by reducing their dependence on fossil-based materials and plastics.

This is where Walki comes in.

Walki believes that the future of packaging will be bio-based and biodegradable. This is why the company has already developed a series of cutting-edge, biodegradable solutions for the food packaging and agricultural segments. The next step is WALKI® Copy Green, a sustainable plastic-free ream wrapper for office paper. WALKI®Copy Green offers a good water vapour barrier and good printability but, even more importantly, it is biodegradable.

Ream wrapping is a huge multi-national industry, estimated to be worth some EUR 70 million in Europe alone. Paper producers use ream wrapping to package office paper, or copy paper.

Peter Martin is Walki’s Technical Service and Development Director for Industrial Packaging. He explains that ream wrapping has been around for a long time and that, for many years, the standards governing the product changed very little.

“Back in the day, moisture resistance was the number one concern for this type of packaging, “ explains Martin. “But our customers have confirmed that copy paper has evolved in last 20 years. As paper grades and the characteristics of modern paper have evolved over time, water vapour barrier requirements have changed, giving us the opportunity to offer new, more sustainable solutions to the market of today."

These days, sustainability is the number one buzzword on everybody’s lips. As a result, new priorities such as biodegradability and compostability are at the forefront of the minds of most paper manufacturers.

In order to create a product that would comply with all the characteristics required by modern customers, Walki tested a wide variety of raw materials.

“We concluded that this special green coated paper made by Walki was the most suitable from the point of view of printability and vapour resistance," continues Martin.

“Whereas conventional ream wrapping is made from paper coated with a PE-based laminate as a barrier, WALKI®Copy Green has a special plastic-free coating made from a biodegradable compound." This coating delivers a good moisture barrier, but, most crucially, it is plastic-free and biodegradable, enabling the product to be classified as mono-material. It also offers customers plenty of freedom in their raw material choices.

“If one thing is clear from what we can read and see on TV, it’s that we have to reduce our use of plastic," says Martin. “In developing a product that will decompose instead of adding to plastic pollution, Walki is contributing to the sustainable development of the forest industry."

“These days sustainability is a no-brainer – both for the good of the planet and the bottom line when it comes to marketing," says Walki’s VP Sales for Forest Products, Carlo van Houtum. “WALKI®Copy Green is there for customers who are committed to sustainability and looking for greener solutions throughout their supply chain."

WALKI®Copy Green is in the process of being formally certified as a biodegradable and compostable product.

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